Thoughfulness, consideration, mulling it over, planning, monitoring the output.

We believe that the project starts with an idea, thoughtfullness about that idea, and a well-rounded understanding of the idea.

Viewing the idea from all user angles with consideration of their user experience is what we are best at. Are the needs different from user to user? Should the order of things be changed? Do we need this over there for ease of use?

We believe that "mulling it over" is not given enough credit. Thinking about a project, turning it over in your head, reviewing the requirements and available data/media, previewing the user experience can give valuable insight into the successful path for a project.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail! A plan at the beginning makes the project end as expected (or at least you know why it ended as it did). Lots of times a plan will show the problems or challenges that an idea has, well before any effort is spent to build the idea.

Monitoring the project DURING the design/development stage is key to understanding what the final product will be. Things change, we get that! They SHOULD! If we are building a new site, it should NOT be the same as the old site. Rebuilding is an opportunity to "get what you want", instead of being "stuck with what you have". If there's some part of the business that is a pain in the neck, but "it's always been done that way", NOW is the time to change it! Let us help you make the process BETTER.

We put our big heads to work for you