Through troubles & travails comes experience & perspective.


Glavinka is a family nick-name going back to the 1800s. Glavi means head in Croatian (Hrvatski) and Glavinka means BIG head, as in a good head for business. (although, some of us actually have big heads!)

The family name originated on the island of San Pijero/Ilovik, which is in the Cres-LoĊĦinj archipelago in the Adriatic Sea, it is an island in Croatian waters.

Side Note about Croatia: The Kingdom of Croatia first appeared back in 660. In more recent times, it was ruled by Tito with an Iron Fist and called Jugoslavija from WW2 to the 1990s.

The business founder's parents escaped from Communism (behind the Iron Curtain) in 1953, spent 2 years in a refugee camp being vetted, then came to the United States as Political Refugees. Their passenger manifest lists Country as "Stateless".

They settled in NYC for family support, became citizens and had 4 children. They relocated to Wichita Kansas in the 1970s. The youngest son and founder of Glavinka relocated to North Carolina in 1996.

The American Dream continues from generation to generation!

We put our big heads to work for you

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